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The aim of the Licensing Section is to ensure that public places are safe; this includes the regulation of premises used for entertainment, amusement, cinematographic, sale and storage of petroleum, caravan sites, certain sports grounds, street trading, Sunday trading and civil ceremony or wedding venues.

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Licensing for business

A person who wishes to prohibit or restrict traffic using a public road to facilitate a special event being held on the road, should apply to the council.

A ‘special event’ is defined as any sporting event, social event, entertainment or the making of a film on a public road. Examples of ‘special events’ may include fun runs, marathons, street parties, concerts and social events. The making of a film includes the making of TV programmes, films or advertisements.

Road closure orders cannot however be used for a number of activities which include public processions, motor road races and cycle races or trials and the existing means of application for these remain unchanged.

Before making a road closure order, the council will consult with the Department for Infrastructure, PSNI, NI Fire & Rescue Service and the NI Ambulance Service. The applicant must also consult with the local residents and the business community.

The Council will also publish a notice in the local press as part of the consultation process. Applicants should allow a period of 12 weeks for the processing of applications.

Applicants should note that although the legislation provides the power to prohibit or restrict the use of a public road, pedestrian access to any premises situated on or adjacent to the road or any other premises accessible for pedestrians from, and only from, the road must be maintained at all times.

Guidance for promoters of events issued by the Department for Infrastructure is available to download. Guidance for Promoters of Events

An application form and accompanying guidance note are available to download 

Current applications

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For further information please contact the Environmental Health Department on T: 0300 0300 900 or E: 

Roads (NI) Order 1993, Part 6A

Subject to approval from the Department for Infrastructure, the Council has powers under the above legislation to make a Gating Order which restricts rights of access over a road. Before making a Gating Order the Council must be satisfied that

  • premises beside the road are affected by crime or anti-social behaviour
  • the existence of the road is facilitating such behaviour and that
  • a Gating Order is necessary to reduce crime or anti-social behaviour

A Gating Order may restrict public right of way at specified days and/or times and exclude persons of a particular description and may authorise the installation, operation and maintenance of barriers to enforce the restrictions.

The Council must consult with the occupiers of premises beside the road and with the owners of utilities placed along, across, over or under the road.

Guidance is available on the website of the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

Current Consultations

For further information please contact the Environmental Health Department on T: 0300 0300 900 or E: