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Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing team work in local areas to improve physical and emotional health and wellbeing, building capacity and supporting individuals and communities to take responsibility for their own health needs.

It is our aspiration that everyone is equipped and supported to achieve the longest, healthiest and most fulfilling life possible. In “Connected” the Community Plan for the Borough, one of the themes is Healthy Community with the following long term outcome:

People are making positive lifestyle choices. They are more resilient and better equipped to cope with life’s challenges

Two Health Improvement Workers and two Investing for Health Officers with funding and support from the Public Health Agency, work in partnership with the Southern Health and Social Care Trust and a broad range of community and voluntary organisations, supporting communities and workplaces to access services, focusing our resources on those that are most in need.

Health programmes and awareness raising sessions are delivered on issues such as:

  • emotional health and stress control
  • healthy eating and cooking skills
  • weight management
  • physical activity
  • male health
  • heart health
  • cancer awareness
  • reducing the risk of diabetes
  • drug and alcohol misuse
  • bullying and online safety
  • emergency lifesaving skills
  • social isolation

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about accessing our health and wellbeing services, please call 0300 0300 900 and ask for the Health Inequalities Worker or Investing for Health Officer in your area or email us at 

We also provide

Free home safety checks to those at a higher risk of having a home accident; people aged 65 and over; families with children under the age of 5; vulnerable adults and children; those with a disability or other special needs: Safety in the home

The Keep Cosy scheme to help householders who use central heating oil to budget and save to buy oil: Keep Cosy Scheme