Stay Warm Stay Safe

To help highlight the dangers of heating and electrical devices our council has joined together with six other councils in Northern Ireland to launch the ‘Stay Warm Stay Safe’ campaign.

Each year dozens of accidents and fires leading to serious injuries are caused by the incorrect use of common household items.

As part of the ‘Stay Warm Stay Safe’ campaign, the local councils have produced and are distributing a leaflet with simple safety tips and checks to help eliminate risks in the home environment, as well as outlining some of the incorrect uses of products which pose a danger.

The key areas which we are focusing on are:

  • Electrical blankets/heated throws
  • Hot-water bottles
  • Overloaded electrical sockets
  • Electrical chargers
  • Portable heaters
Stay Warm Stay Safe
Electric Blankets and Heated Throws
Electric Blankets
  • Always buy electric blanket/ heated throw from a reputable retailer.
  • Read instructions and safety advice from manufacturers carefully.
  • Be vigilant to any signs of wear or damage to blanket/throw.
  • Remember to always unplug the blanket/throw when not in use.
  • Don’t fold or roll blanket throw tightly in storage, to avoid damage.
  • Never use hot water bottle along with electric blankets and heated throws.
Hot Water Bottles
Hot water bottle icon
  • Don’t use boiling water, and don’t overfill the bottle.
  • Avoid direct skin contact – place bottle inside a cover.
  • Replace hot water bottles after two years, as rubber deteriorates over time and regularly check for signs of wear and tear (flower symbol indicates year of manufacture).
  • Babies and people with medical conditions which includes loss of sensation should not be given hot water bottles.
Overloaded Electrical Sockets
Electrical sockets icon
  • Do not overload electrical sockets/ extension lead/ adaptors as this can result in overheating and fire hazard.
  • Do not plug one extension lead into another extension lead.
  • Check that extension lead/ adaptor has suitable electrical capacity (see manufacturer’s guidelines).
  • Check for signs of damage, sparks, smoke, blackness or scorch marks.
  • Never attempt to repair damaged sockets, extension leads/adaptors.
Portable Heaters
Portable heaters icon
  • Buy heaters brand new from a trustworthy retailer, and if possible, buy one with a trip switch (it will switch off if knocked over) .
  • Register the heater when you purchase it, so you’ll be made aware of any product recalls or safety information.
  • Keep heater at least one metre away from anything flammable and where it cannot cause trips or falls.
  • Ensure heater is free from damage.
  • Some heaters present a carbon monoxide risk, therefore important to service regularly and alwaysfit a carbon monoxide alarm in rooms with gas, paraffin or solid fuel heaters.
Electrical Chargers
Electrical chargers icon
  • Overcharging of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, e-bikes and e-cigarettes and other devices can pose fire hazard.
  • Choose a genuine, branded product from a trusted supplier and only use charger provided.
  • Charge on non-flammable surface and don’t leave devices charging unattended for long periods
  • Switch off when fully charged and avoid storing charging batteries at extreme temperatures.
  • Never cover chargers or charging devices – that includes using your device’s power lead or battery pack in bed.