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Buy a dog licence

Buy a dog licence

Everybody who owns a dog must have a dog licence (exceptions apply see below). It is a requirement that dogs are microchipped in order to apply for a dog licence. A microchipping service is provided by your local Vet, please contact them for further information.

If you need advice or guidance on which dog licence you need, please call 0300 0300 900 or 

Our online dog licensing service is provided through a service called Council Direct. Before you can licence your dog you will need to create an account. Residents who previously used the online dog licensing system for Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon may still log in with their same details. Apply, renew or register

You may also obtain a dog licence application form from the Environmental Health department or alternatively download here.

Information on dog kennels registration

A basic dog licence fee is £12.50, however a number of concessions may be applied for if you are :
(i) 65 years or over;
(ii) In receipt of an income related benefit;
(iii) A member of a couple in receipt of income related benefit;
(iv) The owner of a dog who has been sterilised.

The Welfare Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2015 may entitle you to a reduced dog licence fee. Qualifying requirements

A block licence fee is £32.00 and can be issued for premises which keep:

1) three or more unsterilized bitches which breed between them less than 3 litters in a 12 month period; or

2) three or more dogs which are registered with any of the following:
(a) The Kennel Club;
(b) The Irish Coursing Club;
(c) The Masters of Fox hounds Association;
(d) The Masters of Harriers and Beagles Association;
(e) The Northern Ireland Masters of Hounds Association; and
(f) The International Sheepdog Society.

(Applicants must supply certificates of registration with these organisations along with their application), or

3) three or more dogs which are used as guard dogs elsewhere registered under Article 10.

You do not need a license for the following:

  • a puppy under six months old and kept by the person who was also the keeper of the bitch that gave birth to the puppy
  • an assistance dog used by a disabled person
  • a dog kept, and on offer for sale, in a licensed pet shop
  • a police dog
  • a dog kept under a block licence, on the premises to which the block licence relates

Anyone who is found to be keeping a dog without a licence is liable for a Fixed Penalty Notice fine of £80.00 for the offence with a discounted amount of £50.00 if paid within 14 days; or prosecution where the maximum fine in Court is £1000.