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Bin costs

Bin costs

DescriptionTo CollectDelivery ChargeTo Have Delivered
140 litre bin£22.10£6.35£28.45
240 litre bin£24.20£6.35£30.55
360 litre bin£42.05£6.35£48.40
660 litre bin£141.80£10.50£152.30
1100 litre bin Galvanised Container £357.00£16.85£373.85
Recycling boxes
Axle£2.75No delivery availableAvailable from Council Depot
Wheels£3.20 No delivery availableAvailable from Council Depot

The first recycling bins to a ‘new build’ only are FREE of charge (proof of address is required). Persons moving into an existing house must purchase the green/brown bin at the replacement green/brown bin charge, or bring the green/brown bin from their previous property.

Only one delivery charge applicable on purchases of two or more refuse containers.

Compost Bins are available FREE of charge from any of our council depots in the borough. Delivery is not available.