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Bin costs

Bin costs

DescriptionTo CollectDelivery ChargeTo Have Delivered
140 litre bin£22.55£6.50£29.05
240 litre bin£24.70£6.50£31.20
360 litre bin£42.90£6.50£49.40
660 litre bin£144.65£10.75£155.40
1100 litre bin Galvanised Container £364.15£17.20£381.35
Recycling boxes
Axle£2.80No delivery availableAvailable from Council Depot
Wheel (each)£3.30No delivery availableAvailable from Council Depot

*delivery available subject to resources

The first recycling bins to a ‘new build’ only are FREE of charge (proof of address is required). Persons moving into an existing house must purchase the green/brown bin at the replacement green/brown bin charge, or bring the green/brown bin from their previous property.

Only one delivery charge applicable on purchases of up to a set of 3 refuse containers (1 of each colour) for same address

Tel: 0330 056 1020 to place an order