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Arrange a bulky waste collection

Arrange a bulky waste collection

If you would like to dispose of large household items, such as a sofa, cooker, bed, washing machine, standard size fridge or freezer, you can request a bulky waste collection.  Please check the information on items we will collect and booking a bulky waste collection.

Charge is £10.20 for 1 lift up to 3 items and £20.40 for 2 lifts up to 6 items / maximum 2 lifts per year.

We will lift

Furniture Tables, suites, beds, cabinets, chairs, carpet/lino.
White Goods Standard fridges (not American style), standard freezers (not American style), cookers, tumble dryers, washing machines, microwaves.
Garden Equipment Lawnmowers, summer seats, garden table/chairs, trampoline (dismantled), swings (dismantled), slides (dismantled).
Wood Doors, broken up furniture, dog kennels, sheds (dismantled), architraves, skirting boards, gripper rods.
Fixtures and Fittings Kitchens, bathroom suites, radiators, stair banisters, water cylinders/tanks.
Other Domestic Gates, BBQ, oil tanks (oil tanks must be cut into minimum 4 pieces and cleaned of all oil residue).


We don’t lift

DIY Materials Bricks, blocks, concrete, pipes, guttering, plasterboard, paint, etc.
Metal Garage doors, corrugated iron, iron bars, agricultural metal gates, etc.
Garden Waste Grass, hedge cuttings, trees etc.
Other Gas cylinders, car parts, concrete coal bunkers, pianos, panes of glass, tyres, dead animals, doors with glass, mirrors, etc.
  • Suites will be charged by the individual item, i.e. 1 x chair.
  • Kitchens will be charged by the individual item, i.e. 1 x cupboard, to a max of 6 items per lift.
  • Broken up furniture and other loose items need to be bulked-up by the household, i.e. either tied or bagged, and weigh less than 50kg*.
  • Due to H&S considerations our staff will not lift any item over 50kg (*based on 2 staff) 25kg/person max. Under The Manual Handling Regulations we reserve the right to refuse collection if items are of excessive weight or bulk.
  • All items must be left at the kerbside where your refuse container would normally be collected from, or in an area close to this location where there is easy access and not in the house or garage.
  • All items have to be properly listed and not recorded as general rubbish or assorted items of furniture.
  • No collections will be carried out at a vacant house or business premises.
  • This is a high demand service, if items are not presented at the correct time & location, residents will be charged the Full price for a subsequent return collection.
  • Residents can have 2 collections per year or a max of 6 items.

To request a bulky collection, please call 0330 056 1020

Please ensure you have checked to make sure your items are on the list we collect.

You will also be advised where the bulky waste should be left for our staff to collect; this will normally be the place your bin is collected from. For example, if your bin is usually collected in an entry, please bring items to the end of the entry. If your bin is collected at your driveway, please bring items to the end of your driveway. And if you have alley gates, please make sure items are left outside the gates.

Please note: we can only collect those items that have been originally booked with us – please don’t leave any other items out for collection. Any items we don’t lift may be taken FREE to our Household Recycling Centres (except plasterboard, asbestos and gas cylinders).

  • Leave all items out by 7am on the day of collection. Do not leave any items out until your collection day.
  • Make sure items are outside your property at your normal bin collection point. They should be all in one place and easy to reach.
  • Make sure there is enough space outside your property for our lorry.
  • Remove any nails from wood or furniture.
  • Tie, tape or bundle large amounts of wood like old furniture units.
  • We are now charging £10.20 for up to 3 items / maximum 2 lifts per year

Remember, we can’t collect items other than those you originally booked with us. We can’t enter parts of your home, like garages and sheds to collect items – so please leave items outside your property.

Please note: if customers do not follow these instructions we may not be able to collect your bulky waste.

Items of furniture suitable for reuse and repair, which can then be passed on for further use through social enterprise instead of being landfilled, can also be donated at our recycling centres. Please ask at the recycling centre for the donation container / area.