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New NI Planning Portal

The new IT System for Planning went live on 5th December 2022. Applicants, agents – and any third parties who may have an interest in a particular application –  are asked to note that under the new IT System the functionality of the system has changed and language/terminology used on the system is different to that used under the old system.  In particular, it should be noted that unlike the old IT system, the status of an application on the new IT system will no longer change when the application has been placed on a delegated list.  Therefore, the onus is on applicants, agents and any third parties who may have an interest in a particular application to check the weekly delegated lists which appear on the Council’s website every Thursday evening to determine if an application has been placed on the delegated list at www.armaghbanbridgecraigavon.gov.uk/resident/planning-applications-residents/

Members of the public should also note there are a number of identified technical issues with the new system.  The performance of the system will continue  to be monitored as part of the normal service management arrangements and the Council is working closely with the stakeholders including the suppliers to resolve the outstanding issues.  Any issues of concern regarding the new planning IT system should be forwarded to or please check the Fequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the following link.

Planning Portal FAQs | Department for Infrastructure (infrastructure-ni.gov.uk)

Start a new application
This video demonstrated how to submit an online planning application

Consultee Hub
This video demonstrates how to view and sort consultations

Application Search
This video demonstrates how to search for an application and view associated documents.

You can use the Planning Portal to submit planning applications. However, you will need to register for an account to use this service.

When you submit a planning application the information you provide including all plans, maps, drawings, forms and associated documents will appear on the Planning Register which is publicly available.  A copy may also be made available online on the Planning Portal.

NOTE: please be aware that there is a typographical error with regard to the acceptable methods of payment. Going forward we will only be accepting electronic payments.

The Planning Portal includes an online Planning Register which allows you to search for new planning applications received or decisions made as well as find historical planning applications for a property or site.

If you wish to comment on, or track the progress of, an ongoing planning application, you will need to register for an account.

If you comment on a planning application, your comment, name and postal address will be published online on the Planning Portal for people to read.  Your e-mail address will not be published.

Any remarks or information considered as being derogatory or offensive in nature will be removed.

A breach of planning control occurs when building works, a material change of use or certain other development activities take place without the necessary planning permission or consent from the Council or the Department. This can be:

  • carrying out development without planning permission
  • failing to meet any condition or limitation attached to planning permission

If you wish to report unauthorised development for the Council to investigate, you can make an enforcement complaint on the Planning Portal.

The old Public Access website will remain available during December 2022 for information only.  It has not been updated since 18th November and will no longer accept online comments or track applications.

In addition, Public Access user details have not be transferred to the new Planning Portal.  If you had a Public Access account, this will close and the details will be deleted when the site is taken offline.  Should you wish to use the tracking or comment features on the Planning Register on the new Planning Portal or to submit an application online, you will need to create a user account.