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Dangerous Structures

Dangerous Structures

Every property owner is legally responsible for maintaining their building to a safe condition under Public Health Acts Amendments 1907 (Section 30).  You will be asked to repair or remove the building/structure as appropriate, to make safe.  We treat any report of a dangerous structure as a priority and will carry out an investigation within 24 hours or sooner for more urgent cases.

What is a dangerous structure?

A dangerous structure is a building, part of a building or other structure that adjoins or abuts a public road or footpath, which may be a danger to members of the public i.e.

  • loose or falling roof tiles
  • walls or fences that are in danger of collapse
  • unstable chimneys
  • larger buildings that become unstable
How do I report a dangerous structure?

Complete our online form to report a dangerous structure, please call 0330 0561 010 during office hours.

Please provide us with the following information when reporting a dangerous structure:

  • your name
  • your telephone number
  • property location
  • address of the dangerous structure
  • description of how the building/structure is deemed dangerous
  • property owner’s details (if known) including a contact number