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Local Full Fibre Networks

Local Full Fibre Networks

Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon have been successful in securing money from the Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sport to help install full fibre “Gigabit capable” broadband in public sector buildings. These include sites such as community centres, Council buildings, fire stations, GP surgeries and health clinics. Completion of the project is set for December 2021.

Fibre optic cable Image

This project will help improve the infrastructure of Gigabit capability throughout the Borough and set the foundations for full fibre to be rolled out to residential and commercial properties in separate commercial investment plans.

The benefits of Full Fibre Networks to Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon include:

Home life will be more fun, connected and productive.

  • Fibre opens up a vast world of learning and entertainment; provides better, cheaper and easier ways to keep in touch with friends and family across the world; and creates opportunities to work and learn successfully from home, revolutionising our lives.
  • Lightning quick connection speeds means downloading films, music and ebooks can be done in a flash.

Work from home

  • Fibre access to cloud computing, video conferencing and your employer’s network means that working from home has never been easier, allowing you to cut your commute and balance your work and home life more successfully. Fibre broadband makes it easier to set up a business too, opening access to low-cost business software and the quick upload and download of large files and images.

Business benefits

  • Fibre broadband can help transform existing businesses and enable new start-ups to get established. Reliable and consistent connectivity can boost productivity, even at the busiest times, regardless of the number of users online, and make it possible to build new business contacts around the world, reduce travel, and save money.
  • Fibre broadband can revolutionise how you communicate with customers and colleagues – improving customer service and cutting bills by speaking face to face with clients using video conference platforms for ‘virtual’ meetings in real-time.