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Register a civil partnership

Register a civil partnership

You must give a minimum of 28 days notice for a civil partnership, otherwise you may need to postpone your registration. It is recommended time period is 8-10 weeks, however you can give notice up to a year before the date of your civil partnership.

You may download a notice of civil partnership form from the NI Direct website.

If you’re a non-EEA citizen please read the information on forming a Civil Partnership Northern Ireland on the NI Direct website here.

Any two people, regardless of where they live, can register a civil partnership in Northern Ireland, provided that they are:

  • Aged 18 or above on the day of your ceremony (consent is needed if either of you is aged 16 or 17)
  • Unrelated to one another in a way that would prevent you from forming a civil partnership
  • Free to form a civil partnership, for example, neither of you is already a civil partner

The following documents must be provided by both you and your partner when returning your civil partnership notice forms. All documents must be originals – photocopies will not be accepted – and if not in English, accompanied by a certified translation.

  • Full (long version) birth certificate
  • Passport or National Identity Card
  • Consent form (if aged 16 or 17)
  • If you have entered into a previous civil partnership, a court order of dissolution for that partnership
  • If you were previously married, a certificate of divorce or annulment or a certified copy decree (decrees must be absolute or final)
  • If you have been married more than once, only the documents for your most recent marriage are required
  • If you are a widow, widower or surviving civil partner, the death certificate of your former spouse or civil partner

If you have decided to have your civil partnership registration at an approved venue please contact the relevant Registrar Office to check availability and for further information.  It is very important that you check the availability of a Registrar for the day and your chosen location before paying a deposit with the venue.

Once the deposit is paid you will be issued with an AP1(b) form.  This should be completed and returned to the relevant Registrar Office.

The following is a list of approved venues in the borough. These venues are approved to hold civil partnership registrations subject to the availability of a Registrar.

  • Newforge House (Craigavon)
  • Riverdale Barn (Craigavon)
  • Seagoe Hotel (Craigavon)
  • The Planters (Craigavon)
  • The Argory (Armagh)
  • Halfway House (Banbridge)