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Covid-19 Response and Recovery Plan

Covid-19 Response and Recovery Plan

The Community Planning Partnership refreshed its Covid-19 Response and Recovery Plan in March 2022. This multi-agency and cross-sectoral response builds on the extensive community action and partnership working that we saw during the pandemic and is continuing into the current cost of living crisis.
Covid Response

Through the Covid-19 response & recovery plan the partnership is: 

  • Tackling food and fuel insecurity this winter and beyond through increased coordination and work towards reducing poverty in the longer-term.
  • Enabling residents to commission and deliver health and wellbeing services through an investment in the TAK£500+ Participatory Budgeting project.
  • Delivering the Get Moving ABC Framework to Get Everyone Moving and positively impact their health and well-being and to promote active travel by bike, foot and public transport.
  • Championing the role of our places in recovery through the further roll out of place plans
  • Supporting local Community, Voluntary & Social Enterprise organisations to collaborate and to participate fully in community planning.
  • Working together to address loneliness through a multi-agency Loneliness Network.
  • Supporting older people through the Age Friendly Strategy
  • Ensuring that regional strategies and initiatives, such as PEACE PLUS, the People & Place Strategy and the Labour Market Partnership are continuing to meet local needs.

For more information on local cost of living support see https://www.armaghbanbridgecraigavon.gov.uk/costofliving

To view the Covid-19 Response and Recovery Plan please click here:

The following partners have worked together to develop this plan and will continue collaborating to make it happen.

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