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Covid-19 Response and Recovery Plan

Covid-19 Response and Recovery Plan

In response to the COVID-19 crisis community planning partners came together over the summer to draw up a COVID-19 Response & Recovery Plan for the borough. This multi-agency and cross-sectoral response builds on the extensive community action and partnership working that we have seen since the start of the crisis. The plan responds to local communities and businesses with actions to reduce the impact of the virus on the borough and to support recovery.

Maximise community response

Through the Covid-19 response & recovery plan the partnership will: 

  • Tackle food and fuel insecurity this winter and beyond through increased coordiation and work towards reducing poverty in the longer-term.
  • Enable residents to commission and deliver health and wellbeing services through an investment in TAK£500, the first borough-wide Particpatory Budgeting project.
  • Deliver the Get Moving ABC Framework to Get Everyone Moving and positively impact their health and well-being and to promote active travel by bike, foot and public transport.
  • Work together to support those whose employment is affected by the crisis.
  • Assist businesses to access information and support through mentoring, webinars, funding opportunities and lobbying.
  • Support volunteering and build resilience with the Community and Voluntary Sectors post-lockdown.
  • Pilot a sustainable place plan to deliver the community plan at a local level.
  • Keep listening to communites and businesses and responding to emerging needs.
  • Use the reach of the partnership to get COVID-19 messages to the community.
  • Link with regional and local COVID-19 initiatives.
  • Support town centres through shop local campaigns and implementing COVID-19 Revitalisation Grants
  • Ensure that residents and businesses are able to access the services they need.

Community Support Helpline 028 3831 2417
Business Support  028 3831 2571

To view the Covid-19 Response and Recovery Plan please click here:

The following partners have worked together to develop this plan and will continue collaborating to make it happen.


The plan was developed over a series of three workshops all workshop notes are available to download here: