What is Community Planning?

Community Planning is “a process led by councils in conjunction with partners and communities to develop and implement a shared vision for their area, a long term vision which relates to all aspects of community life and which also involves working together to plan and deliver better services which make a real difference to people’s lives.”

This will be done through a process to develop, publish and implement a community plan for the Borough.

This unique plan will help shape the long-term vision and direction of your borough to ensure we are improving the well-being of all our citizens.

We will lead the community planning process and work together with a wide range of partners including representatives from statutory, business, education, health, community and voluntary sectors to develop a long-term plan to improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of people in our borough.

‘Connected’ a plan for all the community


Developed through partnership and community participation the boroughs first community plan is now available.  The plan will see the beginning of a new way of working for the community planning partners as they deliver on their shared vision and outcomes.  The plans 2030 vision will direct and influence public services within the borough to the benefit of all.

Click here to view ‘Connected’ the boroughs first community plan

Preparing your community plan

Through our work to date we have identified 6 strategic themes. The community planning process will be progressed through the establishment of a task and finish working group for each of these 6 themes. These groups are specifically to progress the development of the plan and are not indicative of final priorities or structures.

The working groups will bring together individuals and organisations with a strategic interest in that thematic area  and are tasked with completing a specific piece of work to discuss the issues at a Borough level, agree the baseline data and produce a report which suggest priorities and outcomes which should be considered.

Alongside this we will have a range of more generic engagement methods inviting and encouraging local people and local groups to engage on what is coming from these thematic groups and help us ensure that local views and needs are reflected.

Community Planning Statutory Partners:

Share your ideas with us

We want to give citizens the opportunity to shape their communities and make a real difference.  Your ideas will feed into the community plan that will steer the future development of our borough.

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