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Local Development Plan

We are responsible for preparing a local development plan (LDP) for the borough, in consultation with local citizens, to provide a clear vision of how it should develop and what it will look like in the years to come.

The local development plan will:

  • provide a 15 year plan framework to support economic and social needs in the borough, in line with regional strategies and policies, while providing the delivery of sustainable development
  • facilitate growth by coordinating public and private investment to encourage development where it can be of most benefit to our community
  • allocate sufficient land to meet the needs of the borough
  • provide an opportunity for all stakeholders, including the public, to have a say about where and how development within the local area should take place
  • deliver the spatial aspects of the councils’ community plan

Ongoing community consultation is an important element and these stages are set out in our Statement of Community Involvement.

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out the Council’s policy and processes for involving and informing the community in the preparation and continuing review of the Borough’s Local Development Plan (LDP) and accompanying guidance, the consideration of planning applications, the making or altering of designated areas and in enforcement matters.

The Statement of Community Involvement has been agreed by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI).  The SCI is available to view below.


The Local Development Plan (LDP) Timetable outlines the process to produce the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council’s LDP 2030.  It provides indicative timescales for the key stages in the preparation of the Plan and accompanying documents, including public consultation exercises, from the preparation of the initial Preferred Options Paper through to the preparation and adoption of the Plan Strategy and subsequent Local Policies Plan.  The Timetable will help to ensure that the process is efficiently managed and that stakeholders are kept informed.

The Timetable is currently being reviewed.  Once a revised Timetable has been agreed with the Department for Infrastructure (DfI), it will be published and made available to view in the Council’s main offices, including the Planning Office.  Details of the revised Timetable will also be advertised in the local press and placed on this website, along with updates on the progress of the Plan.

The current Timetable and related Public Notice Advertisement are available to view below.

The Preferred Options Paper (POP) is the first of three public consultation documents that the Council will issue during the LDP process. It marks the end of Stage 1 – Initial Plan Preparation.

A period of public consultation is open on the POP, running from Wednesday 28 March 2018 until Wednesday 30 May 2018 (at 5pm).

The main purpose of the POP is to promote focused debate on key issues of strategic significance which are likely to influence the direction of future development within our Borough up to 2030. The POP outlines the vision and strategic objectives of the Plan, along with a set of key issues and the possible options available to address them. The Council’s preferred options are indicated in the Paper along with its reasoning behind them. The key issues have emerged from our evidence base; from engagement with Elected Members and Section 75 Groups; and from formal and informal consultation with Statutory Consultation Bodies.

Feedback on the public consultation (on the POP and supporting documents outlined below) will inform the preparation of the Draft Plan Strategy, the next stage in the process (and the next public consultation document).

We welcome your comments on our Preferred Options Paper. Responses should be forwarded by 5pm on 30 May 2018 via email, post or online questionnaire (survey) as set out on page 2 of the POP (‘Have Your Say’).

A copy of the Public Notice Advertisement (in 7 local papers) below provides details of how further information on the POP and supporting information may be obtained, as well as the details of 20 Public Engagement / Drop-in Sessions to be held during the consultation period.

Supporting Documents

A period of public consultation is also open on the following supporting documents to the POP, running from Wednesday 28 March 2018 until Wednesday 30 May 2018 (at 5pm).

We welcome your comments.

Preliminary Planning Policy Review

A preliminary review of operational planning policy has been carried out to inform the Preferred Options Paper, as set out below.  A more detailed policy review will be carried out in advance of the Plan Strategy.

Evidence Base Preparatory Papers

Our evidence base comprises 14 topic-based Preparatory Papers, as follows:

Annual Housing Monitor Summary Reports

The Council’s Housing Monitor surveys all residential completions within the Borough’s settlements (as designated in prevailing Development Plans), determining both the level of housing land supply and the remaining potential of land and dwellings that remain undeveloped on monitored sites.  Monitored sites include all areas identified as suitable for residential development in current development plans (housing zonings) and any other area within settlements that has been granted permission for residential development (including appeal decisions) and where circumstances have not changed such that the potential for this development no longer exists.

The survey is completed on an annual basis between 1 April and 31 March.

The Council’s Housing Monitor will inform the Local Development Plan (LDP).

The Summary Tables are currently broken down into the former council district areas that comprise our Borough. These show the breakdown for each settlement within each area along with combined totals. The Council’s latest Housing Monitor Surveys are summarised in the report tables below.