Growing inspiration from the Backyard Gardener at Kinnego


There is no space too small for a bit of gardening – is the theme for an innovative and inspiring event being held at the Kinnego Community Garden in June.

Entitled ‘The Backyard Gardener: No Garden, No Problem’, this informal information day will encourage visitors to get growing with a whole range of practical ideas to utilise whatever limited space they have available.

This is the third event at the new No Dig beds at Kinnego which were installed earlier this year, using New Leaf Compost created from recycled food and green waste collected from local households and processed by Natural World Products.

There will be expert advice and guidance from the talented Biruk Sahle, who will be returning from this year’s Garden Show Ireland in Antrim, where he is taking part as an exhibitor.

Biruk is well known among the horticultural community, having set up Hahu Organics in Helen’s Bay Walled Garden in 2020, growing seasonal organic vegetables using the no-dig gardening ethos. He said the event at Kinnego was an opportunity for people to share ideas and learn new tips for growing various vegetables, herbs and fruits.

“I would like to encourage everyone interested in growing some produce in their own backyards or small gardens to come along to the Kinnego Community Garden,” said Biruk.

“No matter how small your garden or backyard is, there is always a way of being able to grow something. I will be bringing along my exhibition which will demonstrate some of the ways we can use small spaces effectively and make use of everyday containers.

“Whether you are an experienced gardener, or have never planted a seed, you are very welcome to come along and see if you can find some ideas that can suit you or inspire you to get started. These events are a great way of exchanging ideas, and we want more people to experience how rewarding it is to grow your own produce.”

As part of the event, Natural World Products will be providing a ‘take home ‘ planting activity.

‘The Backyard Gardener: No Garden, No Problem’ event will be held at Kinnego Community Garden from 10am – 12noon on Tuesday 18 June.