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Freedom Of Infomation

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives the public a general right of access to information held by public authorities, including Council.  The aim of the Act is to increase openness and accountability and we are committed to providing timely access to information held by Council in line with legislative requirements and statutory obligations.

How to request information.

Anyone can make a request for information, to do so you must:

  • Submit your request in writing.

All FOI requests must be in writing and sent by email via or via the address below:

Senior Records Manager, Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council, PO Box 66, Lakeview Road, Craigavon, Co. Armagh BT64 1AL.

  • Provide your real name. the name you are widely known and/or use regularly and which is not a pseudonym or fictitious name.

A request for information, under Section 8 (1) (b) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, must include the real name of the requester.  If the requester:

  • fails to provide a name;
  • cannot be identified from the name provided (for example because they have only used their first name or initials); or;
  • is using an obvious pseudonym

Then their request will not meet the requirements of Section 8 (1) (b) and will be invalid.

Exempt Information

The Freedom of Information Act contains a series of exemptions that allow Council to withhold certain types of information.  Information is also exempt where it is accessible to you by other means.  Council may also refuse to release information where the cost of identifying, locating and collating the material concerned exceeds a limit of £450.

Where Council refuses a request for information, it will explain the reasons for the refusal.

FOI Complaints / Internal Review

If a requester is unhappy with the information provided in the initial response or with how Council processed their request, they have the right of review under the FOI Act.  The review will look at all aspects of the processing of your request from the acknowledgement stage to the information provided in the response.

The Senior Records Manager in consultation with the relevant department will process requests for internal review on behalf of Council.  As part of the process, the review will consider whether:

  • FOIA has been properly applied, in particular, whether the information requested genuinely falls within the exemption(s) cited and (where relevant) whether the balance of the public interests favours non-disclosure;
  • there have been any developments since the original response, including any points made by you when making your complaint, that should alter our approach;
  • it is possible to provide any further information to you; and
  • there are any lessons for handling future cases

Applicants will receive written notification of the review outcome, which will also include details of your right to appeal to the Information Commissioner for an independent review should you remain unhappy with Council’s response.