Community Planning Partners reflect on progress


The Community Planning Partnership representing the ABC Borough have launched a Statement of Progress reflecting on key achievements and areas of work over the past two years towards realising the long term outcomes in Connected, our Community Plan.

The Partnership is represented by over 80 members across the statutory, community, voluntary and business sector with organisations working together to engage with local people and lead on delivering the community action plan ‘Connected’, improving outcomes for our residents.

The Statement of Progress highlights many positive findings, over half the population indicators that have been used to track progress, show improvement. These include an increase in levels of physical activity and a reduction in both the number of accidental dwelling fires and fear of crime. Economic indicators have also shown a positive change in terms of the number of businesses, employee qualification levels and employment rate.

Colette Rogers, Head of Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement (South), Public Health Agency and Chair of the Community Planning Partnership commented:

“I am delighted to share our latest report looking at our progress towards realising  the long-term outcomes in our Community Plan – Connected. I am proud of the positive outcomes and hard work and dedication of our partners who contribute though working together and making a difference for the people that live and work in our borough.

As we recover from the pandemic and coupled with the cost-of-living crisis the partnership organisations are continuing to see more and more people who need help with ‘heating and eating’. Reporting the negative toll this is having on peoples wellbeing, the Community Planning Partnership will continue to commit their time and energy in targeting their efforts where they are most needed.”

The Community Planning Partnership are continuing to work to make sure that we are making the most of our assets and addressing need through several initiatives. These include the development of social supermarkets and the provision of social housing support to reduce financial pressures. Take 5 steps to wellbeing and the ‘Loneliness Network’ projects have been working to improve mental health and combat isolation. Another popular project, Tak£500+ Participatory Budgeting has enabled the public to vote on how public money is spent in their area. Over 7000 people have voted to allocate over £110,000 to community projects. At present the third round of Participatory Budgeting is currently underway across the borough. Holistic Place Plans have been developed and will be implemented for Armagh and Banbridge as locality plans for the community plan.

Geraldine Lawless, Chair of the Community and Voluntary Sector Panel said:

“We are very grateful that we have a strong community and voluntary sector in ABC who enable us to deliver on our actions, by putting foundations in place to tackle local issues and inequalities while supporting local people.

Over the past two years CVS partners have stepped into leadership roles and we hope to continue to build on this and welcome new community groups to join us helping to strengthen this sector even further.”

Lord Mayor of Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Alderman Margaret Tinsley welcomed the partnerships progress:

“Community planning is about working in partnership to make life better for people in the borough. We are delighted with the continued engagement and support from our community and voluntary sector to deliver the outcomes detailed in the community plan. By working together in a collective manner, we can ensure what we do is making a difference, tacking some of the big issues facing our community including improving mental health, tackling poverty and promoting environmental sustainability.”

Every two years a Statement of Progress is issued to provide an update on the progress towards outcomes and the delivery of plans. The Community Planning Partnership will continue to work on these areas to build towards our 2030 vision to have a happy, healthy, and connected community, a vibrant and sustainable economy and appealing places for living, working and learning.

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