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Food Heartland

The borough of Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon is a region characterised by a rich environment of good agricultural land; bursting with a rich heritage of award-winning food and drink production as well as outstanding places to eat and drink.

The Food Heartland is undergoing an evolution to include the agriculture sector within the borough, allowing the network to span from field to fork. The Food Heartland Network is central to ABC Council supporting local agricultural and food businesses providing a unique platform to work collectively to drive the local agri-food sector forward.

The Food Heartland Network

We’re determined to tell the story of our fantastic agricultural businesses, artisan food producers and restaurants by bringing people together from across the food chain to work with each other. We will do this by providing opportunities for businesses to meet together to talk about their products while helping to grow their knowledge through talks from industry experts, workshops and network meetings.

Get involved, stay connected and be part of the action!

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