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Waste Disposal For Business

Waste Disposal For Business

Businesses who dispose of waste at recycling centres must be registered with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

Under the Controlled Waste Regulations, companies or individuals who transport all categories of waste are required, by law, to apply for registrations with the NIEA.

If you are not registered as a waste carrier you will not be permitted to use any of the recycling centres.

For further details on how to register please contact NIEA on 028 9056 9360.

Copies of the application forms can be obtained from the DoE NI website; see below for links.

If you wish to apply as an upper tier carrier, you can do so online on the DoE NI website here.

Once you have registered for a Waste Carrier Licence contact Environmental Services on 0300 0300 900 to register to use your local recycling centre. Proof of your registration with NIEA will be required.