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Commercial Waste Charges

Commercial Waste Charges

1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022
(The following charges are all inclusive and include VAT at 20% where applicable)

Recycling Centres

(Volume Based Calculation) Inc. VAT

Plastic Bag (or equivalent)£3.55
240 Litre bin (or equivalent)£10.40
Car & Trailer 2 x £10.20£20.80
Small Van 2 x £10.20£20.80
Large Van 3 x £10.20£31.20
Large Van & Trailer 4 x £10.20£41.60

Trade Waste

(Collection charges only) No VAT

DescriptionCollection Charge / bin
120 Litre residual£3.30
140 Litre residual£3.80
240 Litre residual£6.40
360 Litre residual£9.70
660 Litre residual£14.40
1100 Litre residual£22.70
120 Litre food£2.00
140 Litre food £2.30
120 Litre Mixed dry£2.00
140 Litre Mixed dry£2.30
240 Litre Mixed dry£3.90
360 Litre Mixed dry£5.80
660 Litre Mixed dry£10.60
1100 Litre Mixed dry£17.70

Food waste collections are available in certain areas, please contact your local office to details.

Businesses may dispose of Selected Recyclable Materials free of charge provided that they segregate their waste and dispose of each type of recyclable material in the correct skip.  If waste is not segregated, they will be charged the full rate for their waste.  Current materials are Garden Waste, Tin Cans, Metal, Cardboard, Paper and Plastic Bottles.  No Business Food waste is accepted.

Recycling Centre (Weight)
Per Kg (free recyclables) £0.35
Business Registration £26.85
Deposit (opening Balance) £5.35

Commercial Bulky Collection

No VAT (minimum callout + time + tonnage)
Description Callout Charge Per hour Plus per tonne
Price per Hour £20.80 £49.35 £123.30