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COVID19: Support for Community Organisations helping with Covid-19

If you are an individual offering help, you can register your availability to volunteer on the Volunteer Now website.

If your community group, charity or organisation is offering Covid-19 community support, please submit details of the type of help you’re offering into the form below, and we will add it to the Local Support Directory. For advice, funding opportunities and volunteer support click here.

Advice, Funding Opportunities & Volunteer Support

Funding Opportunities

For more information on funding opportunities click here

Staying Safe – Advice for Volunteers

For advice for volunteers on staying safe click here

Finding Volunteers

For more information on finding volunteers click here

Charity Commission Advice

For advice from the Charity Commission click here

Pharmacy Support

For more information on pharmacy support click here

Food Parcel Preparation Guidance

For guidance on preparing and delivering food parcels in the community click here

If you need help with something that isn’t listed here, please contact us and remember to select ‘Community Support’ under ‘Enquiry Type’: Contact Us Now

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Health & Wellbeing