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COVID19: Community Engagement

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We are pleased to support individuals, community groups and local organisations in their positive response to the Covid-19 pandemic, giving help to those most vulnerable and in need.

Community Support Helpline

Community Engagement

For help and support on a range of issues including training and employment, health and wellbeing, advice services, volunteering and food support, contact our new Community Support Helpline on:

028 3831 2417.

Click here to view the new Community Support Helpline page for further information or to download an enquiry form.

Community organisations and charities

Community Engagement

We are trying to assess the requirements of existing community organisations and charities so that we can support the important work being done as part of the Covid-19 response. If you’d like help or advice for your community group please click here.

Community Information Signposting

Business Support
Health & Wellbeing