Stickers deliver anti-litter message directly to customers


As volunteers continue to play their part in clearing rubbish from our roadsides and public spaces during the annual Big Spring Clean, a new Council-led campaign aimed at curbing littering is gathering momentum.

Launched less than a year ago, the ‘Don’t Fling It, Bin It’ initiative features a poster and sticker, which appeals directly to shoppers at our local supermarkets, coffee shops and takeaways, to dispose of their rubbish in bins once they are finished with their food and drinks.

The colourful artwork on the stickers which are affixed to food and drinks by local businesses, were designed by talented Portadown pupil Zara Cousins and her important message is reaching more and more people as the campaign continues to grow.

At present, 22 businesses throughout the borough have enrolled in the anti-litter campaign and one of those is Rice’s Supermarket in Keady.

Paul Rice said the feedback from customers has been very encouraging. “This is something which we were delighted to get involved with. It is a very practical and effective way of getting the message across to people to bin their rubbish when they are finished with their food and drinks,” said Paul.

“We know that the vast majority of people would never drop rubbish from their cars, but we want to reach out to those other people who still need to be reminded.

“A lot of the rubbish we see along the roads in the countryside, is bottles, coffee cups and food packaging. These can be really damaging to the environment and the wildlife, so anything that encourages people to think again, has to be a good thing and we have already received a very positive response from our customers.

“I would encourage other businesses to get on board with this campaign and the simple message for everyone is Don’t Fling It – Bin It.”

To find out more or to sign up for the ‘Don’t Fling It – Bin It’ campaign and help keep our green spaces green, contact ABC Council’s Environmental Health team by emailing