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Tree Thinning at Gosford

Tree Thinning at Gosford

Gosford Tree Thinning

What’s going on at Gosford?
The trees planted in Gosford were planted 40-60 years ago. Normally they would be felled by now and the site would have been replanted, with a new crop, but in Gosford we are aiming to maintain a permanent forest canopy and allow trees to regenerate naturally. This will enhance the habitat for wildlife, enrich the forest’s recreational appeal and improve the wider landscape value. This work is expected to commence 1 December.

How does forest harvesting work?
Trees will be cut by a Harvesting Machine, which cuts o­ff the branches and cuts the trunk into different lengths. Another machine called a Forwarder brings lengths to the side of the road.

What happens the timber harvested in Gosford?
The trees that are removed from the forest will be cut into diff­erent lengths and processed into a range of renewable products by a local sawmill.

Advice to the public:
When visiting Gosford Forest Park, please take care! Please note the following:

  • Some trails and roads may be closed to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Watch out for forestry machinery and timber lorries.
  • Don’t climb on stacks of logs along the road.
  • Follow all signage in place at all times.
Tree Thinning at Gosford