Free chips on menu for ‘Paws at the Palace’


Our four-legged canine friends will be the guests of honour at a special event in the Palace grounds in Armagh on Wednesday 29 May.

‘Paws at the Palace’ which will run from 2pm until 4pm, will offer free microchipping to those dogs who don’t yet have one and there will also be a range of helpful advice and guidance for dog owners at the informal drop-in event.

Each year, hundreds of dogs go missing across our Borough and microchips are an excellent tool in helping to reunite owners with their pets. On Wednesday, council officers will be on hand to microchip dogs for free – a service that normally costs between £10 and £20. To avail of this free service, the owners must then licence their dogs, which is a legal requirement.

For those dogs already microchipped, representatives from the Dogs Trust will be there to help owners ‘Check your Chip’, ensuring the microchip contact details are correct and provide guidance on how to update.

For those owners struggling to manage their pets, there will be advice and some simple steps to help improve dog behaviour and welfare, to make both pet’s and owner’s lives a little easier. Our team of dedicated Dog Wardens will also be on hand to offer help and guidance.

Pet owners will have the opportunity to learn more about the Green Dog Walker Scheme. Those who sign up to the scheme receive a doggie welcome pack which contains the Green Dog Walkers® armband, dog bone shaped bag dispenser, doggie bags and clip-on hand sanitiser.

A council spokesperson said: “Owning a dog is a big responsibility and a key part of caring for your dog is having it microchipped and of course licensed, which is legally required. We will also have other helpful advice and support available on the day and we look forward to welcoming all the wonderful dogs to the Palace.”

‘Paws at the Palace’ is being held on Wednesday 29 May from 2pm until 4pm, at the marquee which is situated at the rear of the main Palace building.