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Part 12 of the Local Government Act (NI) 2014 sets out a general Duty of Improvement for Councils “in that” a local Council must make arrangements to secure continuous improvement in the exercise of its function. We are required to have regard in particular to improvement in the exercise of our function in terms of at least one or more of the following aspects:

(a)  Strategic effectiveness; (b) Service quality; (c) Service availability; (d) Fairness; (e) Sustainability; (f) Efficiency; and (g) Innovation.

Performance management refers to the processes and behaviours which apply to everyone within the Council to maintain high standards to enable local people to access high quality, cost effective services and to ensure that we deliver on our strategic vision. Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council are committed to establishing processes to ensure that it effectively manages performance and is focused on delivering continuous improvement.

Council launched its new Corporate Plan 2018-2023 in May 2018 which reflects how we as an organisation commit to long term outcomes identified in the Borough Community Plan published in May 2017 as well as the work we will do to ensure we continue to provide high quality services. The Corporate Plan sets out our vision ‘To Create a Healthy, Happy and Connected Community, a Vibrant and Sustainable Economy and Appealing Places for Living, Working and Learning’.  It details the commitments that we are making which contribute to the vision. Some of the key actions linked to our Corporate Plan commitments in terms of Committed Council, Economy, Community and Place are also found within the Performance Improvement Plan thereby aligning the Community Plan, Corporate Plan and Performance Improvement Plan.

Part 12 of the Local Government Act (NI) 2014 requires Councils to publish performance information.
This publication sets out an assessment of the Council’s performance against the following three requirements for the year 2017-2018:
1. Statutory indicators and standards as set out in The Local Government (Performance Indicators and Standards) Order (NI) 2015 in relation to the specified functions of Economic Development, Planning and Waste Management;
2. Performance improvement objectives set out in the 2017-2018 Performance Improvement Plan;
3. Baseline information on-self-imposed indicators and standards collected during 2017-2018 and the pervious year.
This is part of the performance improvement arrangements for the new 11 district councils introduced in April 2015 by way of the Local Government Act (NI) 2014.
To view the online version of the Self-Assessment Report, click the right directional arrow on the front cover of the plan (below). You can download the document in PDF format by clicking on the “download arrow” in window below

If the image is not visible in your browser the document can be downloaded below:

Performance improvement planning is an annual process which will form part of a council’s corporate management system, directly linked to our overarching planning framework. An Annual Performance Improvement Plan for 2018/19 was agreed by Council at its meeting in May 2018. This follows consultation with stakeholders, including residents, businesses and visitors, to agree Performance Improvement Objectives for 2018/19. We will monitor our progress and publish information on our performance against these objectives before the end of September 2019.

To view the online version of the Performance Improvement Plan for 2017/18 click the right directional arrow on front cover of the plan (below). You can download the document in PDF format by clicking on the “download arrow” in the window below.

If the image is not visible in your browser click here to view the document.

The Local Government Auditor has to report whether each council has discharged its duties in relation to improvement planning, the publication of improvement information and the extent to which each council has acted in accordance with the guidance.

The Local Government Auditor also has to assess annually whether a council is likely to make the required arrangements to secure continuous improvement in that year.

How to Propose New Improvement Objectives

We welcome your on-going feedback and comments or suggestions on how we might improve our services and in particular if you would like to propose any new improvement objectives. Please use one of the following ways to contact us:


Performance and Audit Department – 0300 0300 900

In writing:

Performance and Audit Department,
Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council,
Armagh Office,
Armagh Old City Hospital,
Abbey Street,