Armagh Townscape Heritage 3D Project

As part of the Armagh City Townscape Heritage scheme, educational activities are being delivered, one of which is a Primary school project. The purpose of the Armagh Townscape Heritage 3D Project’  is as follows:

  • To develop Pupils awareness of the built environment
  • To enhance Pupils sketching skills as part of their curriculum.
  • Using Minecraft, recreate a historic building in Armagh City TH scheme
  • Explore Virtual Reality and 3D Printing.
  • A number of sessions with P6 and P7 students took place and to assist pupil’s stencils were developed for more complex sketches such as fireplaces, staircases and exterior doors with fanlights.
  • While the main focus was on the local Georgian architecture in Armagh City, we also looked at functional design of housing down through the years. The school groups visited the built heritage around Armagh City.
  • Currently the two Primary schools involved are Mount St Catherine’s and the Armstrong Primary School and the project is being rolled out to further schools over the 5yr duration of the Armagh City TH.
  • The project is funded by ABC Council and National Lottery Heritage Fund.