Stop the senseless vandalism in our play parks

A poster with the words 'Enjoy Don't Destroy' , encouraging people to help protect our play parks from vandalism so children can play.

Between September 2023 and February 2024, vandalism across play parks in the ABC borough have cost the ratepayer a huge £15,561 – and children have missed out on vital play time.


Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council and the Policing and Community Safety Partnership have just launched a campaign highlighting this mindless vandalism that continues to blight our borough.


Damage to equipment including broken swings and holes burned in slides, ripped up floor panels, graffiti and broken glass making the ground dangerous, has resulted in the temporary closure of many play parks until repairs were carried out.


This means, children all across the borough haven’t been able to play in their local play parks, missing out on outside time, exercise and socialising with friends.


“This senseless vandalism in our parks has got to stop,” commented Chair of the Policing and Community Safety Partnership, Councillor Clare McConville-Walker.


“Wreckless individuals are ruining these fantastic play parks – many of which have been heavily invested in and completely refurbished recently – yet these wilful acts of destruction are causing unnecessary inconvenience to our communities, costing the ratepayer money and leaving our children as the innocent victims.


“Unfortunately, a lot of this vandalism is caused by young people and anti-social behaviour, so as we come into the summer months we would urge parents and carers to be aware of their children’s whereabouts. Know who they are with and the activities they are involved in – and tell them about the serious consequences of anti-social behaviour. If they are unsupervised, they may get into trouble whether acting intentionally or through association with others. Help us to ensure our play parks stay open and safe so they can be enjoyed by all.”


If you witness any acts of vandalism or anti-social behaviour in your local play park, please contact 101 as soon as possible.