Recovery & Growth Framework

Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council has outlined an ambitious framework aimed at helping the local economy to quickly recover and forge a path to future inclusive growth.

The ABC Recovery and Growth Framework recently launched focuses on how Council can create the right social and economic conditions to help the borough recover from the pandemic, and drive sustainable long-term growth for the region.

It sets out a series of aims which will meet the immediate needs of companies within the borough, such as boosting tourism and footfall in towns, and delivering support to business of all sizes, as well as longer-term interventions which will boost efficiency and competitiveness.

The Framework emphasises the regional focus on driving economic investment for Northern Ireland around key sectors such as; agrifood, health and life sciences and advanced manufacturing, where the borough already excels and which, with support to improve skills, connectivity, and productivity, can become global examplars.

It addresses the need for a specific focus on the case for investment in sustainable roads and rail infrastructure, for urban regeneration and rural development; for education and training to upskill the talent pool; for support of technological developments including Industry 4.0 and investment in manufacturing research & development; and a commitment to driving regional competitiveness through the development of a start-up and innovative business ecosystem.

Targeted actions like these feed into Council’s overriding focus to accelerate the borough’s recovery and set it on a path of renewed inclusive growth and prosperity.

The document can be viewed below.