Young artists help make the borough a happier place

Get Creative

Regular visitors to the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council Facebook page over the past number of weeks could not help but notice a colourful collection of posts bursting with beautiful artwork created by our borough’s creative kids.

Launched by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Mealla Campbell, the ABC Get Creative campaign was a call to our younger residents to produce a piece of awesome art, based on the theme ‘What makes you happy?’, which was then published in our virtual ABC Get Creative online gallery to help bring a smile to everyones face during the Covid-19 lockdown.

As the virtual gallery prepares to put the last few pictures in place, the Lord Mayor spoke of her delight at seeing the what made our younger citizens happy.

“Over the past number of weeks it was a joy to see the ABC Get Creative gallery grow with a superb selection of magnificent masterpieces sent in by our very talented younger artists.

The enchanting images we receieved, from tots to teens and from all parts of the borough, highlighted that although young people could not play with their friends, visit family or go out and about as before, they could still let their imaginations soar.

By sharing what made them happy, each and every entry helped produce a ray of sunshine in these troubling times and I hope seeing all the beautiful, paintings, drawings, scultures, crafts and even delicious cake creations made by our borough’s budding artists helped brighten up your day, as it did mine.”

To view all the awesome artworks created for ABC Get Creative view the gallery below A selection of the artwork will also be published in the next edition of our residents magazine, Borough Link.