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Dating back to the mid 60’s Edenvilla Park is a small area of green space on the outskirts of Portadown surrounded on three sides by residential properties, thus providing a quiet, relaxing setting for all visitors. There are various well maintained paths, some dotted with wooden sculptures of characters from the well known story of Alice in Wonderland.

It is 25.5 acres of maintained grass land and forest. The Parks is host to Portadown Hockey Club and also Portadown Tennis Ltd. In terms of visitor attractions there are sculpture trails, play park, open space for games and picnics, a secret garden with fish pond, bird aviary and toddler play area.

The recently opened Secret Garden is a firm favourite with young children. Hidden behind the stone wall, the secret garden is a well manicured garden which houses herbs, Japanese plants, tropical plants and small birds in the glasshouse, fish pond with Koi Carp fish and a children’s play area. The secret is yours to discover

Green Flag Award

Green Flag Award 20/21
You can find out more about the Green Flag Award® at: http://www.greenflagaward.co.uk/


The whole family can enjoy the quiet, relaxing setting of Edenvilla Park which includes:
Play Park
Sculptured Trail
Secret Garden
Open Spaces for Games and Picnics
Toddlers Play Area
Fish Pond
Walking & Cycling
Portadown Men’s Hockey Club
Portadown Ladies Hockey Club
Portadown Tennis Club

The opening times of the Park varies throughout the year due to sunset, please see times below:

  • From second Sunday in February 7am – 7pm
  • From second Sunday in March 7am – 8pm
  • From first Sunday in April 7am – 9pm
  • From third Sunday in April 7am – 10pm
  • From third Sunday in August 7am – 9pm
  • From second Sunday in September 7am – 8pm
  • From first Sunday in October 7am – 7pm
  • From fourth Sunday in October 7am – 6pm


Where can I park?

Free onsite parking

Where is the nearest toilet?

Toilets are located beside the main building

Where is the nearest café?

There are no facilities on site but there are several coffee shops and garages close by.

Dog Policy

Dogs should be under close control at all times. Please clean up after your dog.

If you have any queries about visiting Portadown Peoples Park, then please don’t hesitate to contact us by one of the methods below:

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