Expressions of interest sought for partnerships/collaborative working arrangements from sporting clubs


Council is seeking preliminary expressions of interest for partnerships/collaborative working arrangements from sporting clubs residing within the Borough.  
Each proposal must be based upon a collaborative working proposal or partnership with Council which is linked to the Council’s Corporate Plan and proposes to utilise existing Council property, land or assets for:

  • Wider community benefit.
  • The enhancement of existing council facilities.
  • A significant financial benefit to the Council when weighed against Council providing the resultant outcomes independently.

Applicants should note that the Council will not be providing any additional revenue funding and any additional capital funding requests will only be accessible through the Council’s Financial Assistance Policy. A copy of which can be downloaded here.

Applicants are requested to note that this is a preliminary application form and all submissions will be presented on a ‘’without prejudice’’ basis. All sections of the form must be complete and returned by the specified deadline. Any applications returned after the specified deadline or not fully completed will eliminate the submission from the process.