Christmas Message from Lord Mayor Councillor Garath Keating


Eat, Pray, Love, Drink, Give, Share, Celebrate, Cherish, Remember.

At this beautiful time of the year we join collectively to celebrate the many wonderful things that we have to be grateful for. We enjoy the company of family, friends and visitors and we create precious lasting memories that are the very substance of life.

As individuals and as a community we remember lovingly those no longer with us and particularly those who have passed on since last year and we carry them with us in our hearts.

We reflect on those less fortunate both across the world and closer to home and we commit ourselves to doing a little bit more and going a little bit further in the year ahead to do what we can to assist those in need.

Hopefully we can all find something precious in which to rejoice and cherish this Christmas and that, no matter our struggles, it can be a time of happiness, hope and laughter. Wishing everyone a very happy peaceful holiday and a joyful New Year. Peace and Love.

Lord Mayor Patch