Amber warning for snow – stay safe road users!


An amber warning of snow and ice for Northern Ireland from 3.00pm today until 8.00am tomorrow morning has been issued.

Salting of roads on the scheduled network is ongoing and will continue throughout the day and overnight. Most routes continue to be passable with care and snow ploughs have been deployed in some areas on high ground. Local farmers have been assisting in efforts to clear blocked roads and snow blowers remain available if necessary.

With more snow forecast and a cold night to come, road users should take time to consider any essential journeys today and tomorrow morning, plan the route and take extra care driving.  Further disruption to public transport is also possible.

Multi-agency responders have met again today and continue to monitor the weather, responding as necessary, and have emergency planning arrangements in place to deal with any further weather impacts.

Information about road conditions is available at

Please consider any essential journeys, plan your route and drive safely. Be mindful of vulnerable neighbours too.

The following numbers may be useful in case of emergency:

  • Emergency services – 999 or 112
  • Northern Ireland Electricity Networks – 03457 643 643
  • NI Gas Emergency Service – 0800 002 001
  • Northern Ireland Water Waterline – 03457 440 088
  • Flooding Incident Line – 0300 2000 100
  • Housing Executive – 03448 920 901