Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council is making changes to your household recycling collection service by replacing the current Bryson Recycling kerbside box and kerbside food caddy collection services (depending on your residential area), with a new standardised, council managed, collection service for all residents across the borough.

A new ABC Council mobile app has been devised to keep Borough residents up to date on  bin collection information, quickly report incidents and issues and find keep uo to date on council news and services and.

The app is free to download from the Apple and Play Store by simply searching ABC Council

PLEASE NOTE: The new household recycling service does not begin until week commencing 8th November please do not present green bins until notified as they will not be collected.

All residents will be kept up to date about the roll-out of this new recycling service by direct mail post to your individual household from September – October 2021.

Check out our useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section for more information:


The Council will be delivering out green bins to all households that previously had a Bryson Recycling box collection in September/ October 2021.

Green Bin

Paper, cardboard, tins and cans, aerosols, foil, plastic bottles, plastic pots tubs and trays, food and drinks cartons, glass bottles and jars, household batteries, textiles, small electrical items e.g. toaster, hairdryer

The first collection of green bins will be in early November. You will receive detailed information in the post nearer the time.

No- the collection of the green bin will be fortnightly

Yes. Please continue to use the boxes and you will receive information about when you can start using the bin nearer the time. Do not start to use your green bin before you are notified as it will not be emptied.

Items in the green bin are bulked at a Materials Recycling Facility, sorted into their material types using mechanical and hand sorting and then sent for onward processing and recycled into a range of products.


No. You will also be delivered a brown bin for food and garden waste and will receive further information about this collection nearer the time. There are approx. 9,000 households that are currently using the food caddy- these will be replaced with a fortnightly wheeled bin collection.

Brown Bin

Garden and food waste including:

Grass, hedge clippings, prunings, leaves,

All uneaten food and plate scrapings, fruit, vegetables, raw and cooked meats, bones, fish, eggs, tea bags, coffee grounds, bread, pastries, dairy, cold ashes, napkins

Yes- households receiving a new brown bin will also be delivered a smaller kitchen caddy and liners.

These can be collected free of charge from any of our Council Recycling Centres.

No only one brown bin will be emptied. Any additional garden waste can be recycled at the Council recycling centres.

The garden and food waste is bulked at a local facility and then goes through a process and turned into compost.


You should remove the contaminated items and wait for your next scheduled collection

Yes, if you have an assisted collection for your black bin you will also receive this for the brown and green bins.

All bins should be presented by 7am on the scheduled collection day.

This is helpful and it is easier to identify your bins to your house.

There may be a change to your collection day. You will receive more detailed information nearer to the new collections starting in November.

Please keep your kerbie box as storage or for taking items to the recycling centres.

You will receive a letter and a leaflet outlining the scheme with details of your collection days, items that can be recycled and other useful information in advance of the scheme starting in November.


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