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Bin-Ovation App is now live!
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For Business Refuse Collections - click here


Click here to view the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council bin collection and recycling calendar information page.


All households in the the former Borough of Craigavon have two bins – a blue bin and a green bin. Some households however also have a brown bin.

Blue bins are used for collecting household waste that cannot be recycled or composted.

Green bins are used for dry recyclables – that is paper, cardboard, food and drinks cans and plastic bottles.

Brown bins are used for plate scrapings, including meat and bones, fruit and vegetable peelings, garden waste, bread, teabags, cold ashes and egg shells.

Other items which are recyclable, but cannot be placed in your green or brown bin, may be taken to our household recycling centres for disposal, e.g. glass bottles, wood.

For more information please click the links below

Brown Bin Information

Green Bin Information









Used for collecting household waste that cannot be recycled or composted.





Meat & Bones

Rinsed Food & Drink Cans


Fruit & Vegetable Peelings

Newspapers  Magazines, Junk Mail Envelopes

Garden Waste, leaves branches, cut flowers

Plastic, shampoo, detergent, and drinks Bottles

Bread, Cereal, Pasta and Rice

Yoghurt Pots & Margarine Tubs


Teabags, Coffee Grinds & Eggs shells

Cardboard soup, juice wine and drinks cartons

Cold Ashes

REMEMBER. Other materials which are recyclable, but cannot be placed in your green or brown bin, can be taken to our recycling centres for disposal e.g. wood, batteries, cooking oil.  Please see the Household Recycling Centre Section for further information.



A scheme has been introduced by Council in order to collect food waste within both the existing Brown Bin collections and from our new Food Caddy Collection vehicle. Council want to extract as much food waste as possible out of the general blue bin and prevent the waste going to landfill.

Households participating in the food waste scheme will have received a large outdoor 25 litre caddy and a 7 litre kitchen caddy at their premises. This scheme operates on a weekly basis.

Please click on links below for more information

Introducing your new Kitchen Caddy (1)

Introducing your new Kitchen Caddy (2)

How to use your new Kitchen Caddy

Useful tips





Your blue bin is collected one week and your green bin the next.

Those households with a brown bin will also have this bin collected once a fortnight. In some areas brown bins are collected the same week as the blue bins and in other areas the same week as the green bins - however not necessarily on the same day. Please call us on 028 3833 9031 if you need advice on when to put out your bins. Bins should be put out for collection by 7.30am.

Please watch local press for details of collections during public holidays.



You can buy bins from the Council, charges are as follows:

Blue 240lt Bin - £22.00 to collect

Blue 140lt Bin - £20.00 to collect

Replacement Green 240lt Bin - £22.00 to collect

Replacement Brown 240lt Bin - £22.00 to collect

1st Recycling bin to a brand new build with first time occuptation will be provided free of charge

Delivery for 140lt and 240lt refuse bins is £6.00

1100lt Industrial Refuse container for Businesses - £329.00 to collect plus £16.00 delivery

Refuse bins can be collected from our Depot in the Carn Industrial Estate in Portadown - Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.00pm to 4.30pm.



If you have just moved into the area you will need both a green and blue 240L bin. These can be purchased from the Council as outlined in the link above. If you are moving into a brand new build property (with first time occupation), the green bin will be provided free if you can collect it from our Depot. If you need us to deliver it to your home you will be charged a delivery fee.

The blue and green bins are yours, not the property of the house and therefore you may take these with you when you move.  The brown bin however is allocated to the property and must stay at the house.

For further information on waste collection charges and domestic bin prices or how to order a new bin telephone 028 3833 9031 or e-mail your comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Council understands that residents may have problems with their bins due to medical problems or large families.

Therefore we can provide help by offering the following services:


1.         Assisted bin collections

These are available to residents who due to a disability / medical condition are unable to pull their bins to the kerbside for collection and have no other able-bodied persons living at that address. Please download the form and ask your doctor to complete. Send your completed form to:

Application form for Assisted Lift

Assisted Refuse Collection
Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council
Central Services Depot
BT63 5WG


2.         Additional bins for medical waste or large families

Council will lift only one bin per collection i.e. 1 Blue, 1 Green or 1 Brown bin per household. This is necessary because Councils are obliged to reduce waste and by doing so, we can substantially decrease the cost of waste disposal which will save you as the Ratepayer.

 Residents may however apply for an exemption

  1. if there are 7 or more people living in your house. Please provide evidence in the form of medial cards, drivers licences,benefits letters etc with your application. We WILL NOT process applications without this information
  2. or where residents have a medical condition which causes the generation of high volumes of medical waste. Your doctor should complete the declaration on the application.

The cost of the additional bins will be the responsibility of the householder.

Please download the appropriate form and complete.

Application form for second Bin – Large Family

Application form for second Bin - Medical


Send your completed form to:

Second Bin Applications
Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council
Central Services Depot
BT63 5WG


Please also remember:

  • Bins must be presented at the kerbside by 7.30am on your collection day
  • Mark your bin CLEARLY with your house number
  • Damaged bins will not be collected e.g. missing lids, damaged or seized wheels
  • Do Not Overload the bin. Overloaded bins will not be emptied. It will be the householder’s responsibility to lighten the bin for the next scheduled collection
  • The bin lid should be closed. This is for Health & Safety reasons and to ensure that the contents of the bin do not pollute the area.

 If you would like to speak to a member of staff, please contact the Waste Management team on 028 3833 9031.


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Irish and Ulster Scots Voicemail Service

The Council now provides an Irish and Ulster Scots voicemail service for any member of the public who wishes to ring using these languages. Simply ring the Council and ask to be put through to the service.  You will then hear a voicemail message in that language and be asked to leave your message.  We will then have your message translated and a response sent.


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