Kerbside Recycling

Kerbside RecyclingAll households have a blue and black kerbside box for recycling.

We sub-contract the collection of the kerbside recycling boxes to a company called Bryson Recycling.

What can I put in my kerbside recycling boxes?

To reduce the amount of materials/waste we send to landfill and to save space in your grey bin it is important that you make sure you recycle what you can in your kerbside recycling boxes.

Kerbside Recycling Armagh


Collection dates and times

Kerbside recycling boxes are collected on a weekly basis.  Don’t forget to always leave your box out by 7.30am.
On public and bank holidays, as well as Christmas and New Year, collection dates and times may vary. Check holiday collection dates

Purchase a new boxKerbie Box with waterproof cover

To purchase a new kerbside box call us on 028 3752 9624 or it can be purchased at your nearest Recycling Centre. Each kerbside box costs £5.00.

Waterproof covers are available free of charge at your local Recycling Centre or the Council Depot.

Recycling Helpline

For more information about kerbside recycling boxes, call the Recycling Helpline on 028 3752 9624 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the “two box” service being introduced?
The new “two box” service is being introduced to give you extra room for recycling.

What can be put in the boxes?
Black box: Paper, plastic bottles, food and drink cans and foil.
Blue box: Cardboard, glass bottles and jars, textiles, batteries and hand tools.

Why do materials have to be sorted between the boxes?
Materials are to be sorted between the boxes to ensure that volume and weight are evenly distributed, and to reduce the sorting required at the kerbside, helping us to provide an efficient service.

Does anything need to be done to the materials?
All contents should be clean and dry. Residents should rinse all bottles, cans and jars (no need to remove labels). All items should be placed loose in the boxes, except foil, textiles and batteries, which should be bagged separately.

Where will the boxes be collected from?
The front of your property, where they can be clearly seen and accessed by our collection crews.

When do boxes need to be out for collection?
Your box collection day will remain the same. The boxes will both be collected weekly, and need to be out by 7.30am.

What happens if an incorrect item is placed in one of the boxes, e.g. a yoghurt pot in the black box?
It will be left behind with a sorry card. Residents who are unsure of what can be recycled through the service should check their leaflet, refer to Bryson Recycling website or contact the Bryson Recycling office.

I don’t have a black box
If you need a black box please contact Armagh City and District Council on tel: 028 3752 9624. Blue boxes will be delivered during February and March 2011.

I need a new lid for my box
To order a new lid or “box hat” free of charge contact Armagh City and District Council on tel: 028 3752 9624.

I don’t want a blue box
Once the new “two box” service has started you will only be able to recycle paper, plastic bottles, cans and foil in the black box, so we would recommend taking the blue box so you have access to the full service.

The black/blue box is too small
The blue box will provide you with extra capacity for recycling, but if you need an additional blue or black box you should contact Armagh City and District Council on tel: 028 3752 9624. Alternatively overflow bags can be put out beside the boxes, but they must contain only one type of material, for example all plastic bottles. Glass should not be placed in overflow bags.

Holiday closure dates
Holiday closure dates are listed on the leaflet. If the resident’s collection day falls on one of these dates, any extra material should be saved up and presented the following week, using overflow bags if necessary.

What happens to the contents of the boxes?
They are taken back to the Bryson Recycling Centre in Banbridge where they are processed before being sent on to be recycled. Everything collected is recycled and 80% is recycled locally in Northern Ireland.

Where should boxes be stored?
They can be kept inside your house (in kitchen, under stairs etc) or in front or in your back yard or garden.

Will the box smell/attract pests?
As long as the contents of the boxes are clean, with no food or drink residue, they will not smell or attract pests.

Is the information available in other languages, braille, tape etc.
Yes, information can be provided in other formats on request.