Food Waste

foodwastebrochureWe are making changes to the way your food waste is collected so that you can recycle more and we can process it in an environmentally friendly way. Approximately 20% of the waste in an average household bin is food waste. By participating in this service you will help reduce the amount of food waste that ends up in landfill.

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What can you recycle?

You can put all raw and cooked food waste in your food waste bin (except liquids).



You have been provided with:
1. Indoor food waste caddy
A convenient indoor caddy for
collecting food waste in your kitchen.

2. Biodegradable bags
Bags to line your caddy. Please only
use the bags we provide.

3. Outdoor food waste bin
Put this out for collection weekly.

Using your food waste caddy and bin

Line your indoor caddy with a bag and fill it with food waste. When
it is full tie the bag tightly and put it in your outdoor food waste bin.

Line Indoor Caddy

To help stop pests lock your food waste bin by moving the handle forward.

Lock Caddy

Download Food Waste Brochure