Street Naming & Numbering

Street Naming & NumberingPostal naming and numbering is undertaken in accordance with Article 11 of The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Order (NI) 1995.

This empowers the Council to determine the name by which a new street or road is to be known. In accordance with the legislation a new name must be expressed in English and may, in addition, be expressed in a language other than English.

The Council can also allocate numbers to the properties on a particular road or street. The Council strongly recommends the use of the townland in an address.

How is an application made?

A developer or his agent should submit a written request for a name(s) for a new street/road together with a layout plan of the proposed development.

A proposed name(s) should not be displayed on site unless and until the Council has approved the name(s).

What fee is payable?

At present no fee is payable.

What happens when an application is made?

We will consider the proposal and report to the Council’s Public Services Scrutiny Committee.  The Committee if satisfied that the proposed name(s) is satisfactory and in accordance with the approved Policy will approve the name.

If the Committee is not satisfied the applicant may be requested to submit an alternative name(s) for consideration. We will also consider the proposed postal numbering scheme.

What happens when a name is approved?

We will notify the applicant accordingly and at the same time confirm a suitable numbering layout. We will also notify a number of other bodies including the Post Office, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service and Land & Property Services.

Road nameplates are erected throughout the district by the Council’s Operational Services Department.