Dangerous Structures

Dangerous StructuresWhat is a dangerous structure?

A dangerous building or structure can be anything on or about a building or structure that may be a danger to members of the public, including:

  • Loose or falling roof tiles
  • Walls or fences that are in danger of collapse
  • Unstable chimneys
  • Larger buildings that become unstable


We have a duty to enforce laws to do with dangerous structures under the public health acts amendment act 1907 (section 30).

The owners of buildings that adjoin or abut a public road or footpath have a duty to ensure that such buildings are maintained in a safe condition so as not to endanger persons using that road or footpath.

Where structures are considered to be dangerous to persons using the road or footpath the district council may serve a Notice under section 30 of The Public Health (Amendment Act) (NI) 1929 requiring action to be taken to remove the danger.

The action to be taken (as specified in the Notice) may include the enclosure, protection, repair or removal of the structure.

Report a Dangerous Structure

If you see a building or structure which you feel may be a source of danger please telephone us immediately on 028 3752 9616.