MarriagesWhether you are having a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony there are legal requirements which must be met and documentation which must be completed before a marriage can take place.

Registrar’s Office – Opening Hours (by appointment)
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Please note: The Registrar’s Office in Armagh is now located in the Palace Stables.  The Registrar’s Offices in Banbridge and Craigavon are also still operational.

To make an appointment, please phone the Registrar’s Office in Armagh on 028 3752 9615 or email

Who can be married in Northern Ireland?
Any two persons may marry in Northern Ireland provided that:
• both persons are at least 16 years of age on the day of their marriage – anyone under 18 will need parental consent, or if appropriate an order of a   court dispensing with consent
• they are not related to each other in a way which would prevent their marrying
• they are unmarried (any previous marriage must have been ended by divorce, death or annulment)
• they are not of the same sex
• they are capable of understanding the nature of a marriage ceremony and of consenting to marriage

Documentation Needed
All marriages
• Full birth certificate (long version)
• Passport or identity card.
People who have been married before
• If your marriage was dissolved, a Certificate of Decree Absolute must be produced. A decree of divorce must be absolute or final. A Decree Nisi is not acceptable.
• If you are divorced and you have retained your maiden name, your previous marriage certificate must be produced.
• If you are a widow or widower, the death certificate of your former spouse must be produced.

Marriage Notice Forms
These forms, which give formal notice to the Registrar of your intention to marry, must be completed by you and your partner.
Marriage Notice Form

Notice of Marriage is valid for 12 months. This means you must tell the Registrar’s Office about your plans to get married in the 12 month period before your wedding date, and no later than 28 days before your ceremony. A marriage schedule will be prepared from the information on the marriage notice forms. No marriage can proceed without the marriage schedule.

Collection of Schedule
In the case of a religious marriage, the bride or groom must call at the Registrar’s office to collect the marriage schedule, no earlier than 14 days before the wedding.. This is then signed by both parties, the religious officiant and two witnesses (aged 16 or over) on the wedding day.

Return of Marriage Schedule
It is the responsibility of the parties to return the completed schedule, within 3 working days, to the Registrar of the District in which the marriage took place. This may be returned in person or by post. You may wish to ask a close friend or relative to do this important task.

Registration of Marriage
When the schedule is returned, the Registrar is responsible for registering the marriage. Marriage Certificates may then be purchased from the Registrar on payment of the fee of £8.00 per certificate at the time of registration or £15.00 thereafter.

Marriage Fees

The fee in respect of a religious ceremony is £44.00. Fees for civil ceremonies which take place in the Registrar’s Office or at an Approved Venue will vary. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for more details.

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